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    Room facilities:Afternoon snack, Air Condition, Baby bath tub, Beds with sides, Bottle warmer, Private Bathroom, Room service, Safety Deposit Box, Shower, WI-FI

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    Bed size:1 double bed and 1 - 3 single beds/cots

    Room size:suitable for families


The Atahotel Naxos Beach  is a tourist complex perfectly inserted in Giardini Naxos, one of the most beautiful sea resorts of the eastern coast of Sicily.

The Atahotel Naxos Beach  has been built over an area of 14 hectares dominated by the imperious Etna Volcano and shading off to the sea. The whole complex is surrounded by a huge park of citrus fruits, olive groves and many kinds of flowers. The 189 rooms of the Hotel Naxos Beach (main building), the 453 rooms of the Villas Naxos Beach, harmoniously inserted in this luxurious vegetation, offer a total capacity of 642 rooms, and a large open‐air car‐park which is easily reachable.


The resort pays a lot of attention to its young guests, providing them with three Clubs, based on their age group. Managed by a professional and well-trained staff, the Clubs guarantee the youngest guests maximum fun and allow parents to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

The BABY CLUB of the Atahotel Naxos Beach is reserved for children aged between 1 to 4 years: open six days per week, the Club is managed by a specialized team that organizes indoor and outdoor games for the small guests in the special playground area.

The MINI CLUB is for children aged bewteen  4 to 2 years, opened six days per week. The children are entertained with fun recreational activities, pleasurable learning activities and games, sport suitable for the youngsters and shows that promote creativity.

The resort’s JUNIOR CLUB is for youngsters aged 12 and up. A cheerful and raving team propose a wide range of activities and sport to the beat of the summer music. 

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  • Air Condition
  • Animation
  • Baby bath tub
  • Babysitter
  • Balcony
  • Bar
  • Beach Volley
  • Beachfront
  • Beds with sides
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Bottle warmer
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cooking plate
  • Country side
  • Diving
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Food for Babies
  • Football Playground
  • Indoor Playroom
  • Kitchenette
  • Massage
  • Mini Bar
  • Mini Club
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Sauna
  • Shower
  • Solarium
  • SPA
  • Swim-pool outside
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis Court
  • Toilet
  • TV
  • Vegetarian Food
  • Wellness Center
  • Whirlpool
  • WI-FI


  • Gym with instructor
  • Yoga and relaxation techniques
  • 2 tennis courts with lighting for night play*
  • Short soccer field*
  • Group lessons for water sports (sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing)
  • Tournaments: Volleyball, basketball, soccer, water polo, tennis, bocce, ping-pong, and chess
  • Group lessons: Archery, tennis, swimming, water gym, aerobics, and step aerobics

Sicilia - Sicily

Sicilia - Sicily

Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands, separated from the Continent by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas.

It is one of the pearls of Southern Italy and can be discovered, understood and experienced through a series of itineraries dedicated to areas of interest ranging from nature to history and traditions.

Nature seems to have endowed all its wonders to this land: mountainshills and above all the sea, with its incredible colors, its crystal-clear water and the beauty of its seabeds, in no way inferior to those of other seas. 

Here, the Mediterranean Sea, with its many little islands scattered around the coasts of Sicily – The Aeolians, Egadi and Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria and Ustica – offers unique and the intense sceneries, scents and flavors of uncontaminated nature. 
Last but not least, its great volcanoes are symbols of the irresistible beauty and vitality of this incredibly charming region. 

Fascination for this region grows with treasured archaeological sites that tell the story of the ancient origins of Trinacria (ancient name for Sicily). 


Sports & nature

Sports & nature

The undisputed ruler of this ancient and beautiful land is undoubtedly the sea, that can be enjoyed in so many different ways: relaxing on one of the many  coastal beaches, exploring the wonderful seabeds, or windsurfing and kitesurfing with the waves and the wind. 

Here, the power of the sea, together with that of the wind, allows for the opportunity to feel the thrill of “running” or even “flying” over the crystal-clear waters of the coasts of San Vito lo CapoMondelloCefalùMarina di Ragusa, Taorminathe Aeolian IslandsPantelleriaLampedusaand Ustica, just some of the many places where one can practice these sports year-round. 

lovers can go on a guided excursion along the routes of Sicily's natural parks, while those who prefer other means can choose to explore these wonderful places on a horse’s back or riding a mountain bike.

It should be mentioned that in recent years Sicily has even become an important destination for lovers of golf. Several new courses have made their home on the island, which is host to the by-now famous Sicily Open.

The Belpaese has always been considered one of the most sought-after destinations for thermal cures, a form of natural medicine existing in Italy since the Roman ages. Sicily is a region of water and volcanoes and it offers a wide range of treatments for those who wish to unwind from stress and daily life by "spa-ing". In thermal spas and wellness centers one can find various regenerating, therapeutic and, without a doubt, beauty treatments. The most renowned spas are Sciacca, with its famous Stufe di San Calogero, caves where the high concentration of steam reaches a temperature of about 40° C, or the Thermae of Acireale, where underground seawater mixes with sulphur water from Etna. 

For enthusiasts of cultural tourism, Sicily is a source of knowledge, history, art and culture. It is here, this island with its mild climate and enchanting surroundings that famous writers such as Salvatore QuasimodoGiovanni VergaLuigi PirandelloLeonardo Sciasciaand Tomasi di Lampedusa found their inspiration to write great works including The Leopard and The House by the Medlar Tree. Today, anyone who travels here can still plunge into everything the island has to offer. Embarking on a journey of “spaces” where these legendary writers lived, one can better understand the social, political and historical conditions that became the setting of their novels. 

Those wanting to travel even further back in time will be content to see the Greek Temples of Selinunte and Syracuse, as well as those of Agrigento and of Imera. Not to be forgotten is the Greco-Roman theatre of Taormina and the cathedrals left by the Normans, especially the MartoranaSan Giovanni degli Eremiti and San Cataldo Churches.

If it's customs and traditions you're looking for, a visit to Acireale is practically obligatory; there one can see the Opera of Marionettes and the story of Orlando Furioso.

There is plenty of choice for those who enjoy festivals and cultural events, too. Countless events take place every year in the amazing scenery of Taormina’s Ancient Theater, including the well-known Cinema Festival, an award ceremony for the best films. 

The warmth and joie de vivre of the Sicilians can be seen during the celebration of Carnival, the happiest and most colourful festival of the year. Acireale Carnival is defined as "The most beautiful Carnival in Sicily", for the creativity and originality of its allegorical papier-mâché or flowered floats that parade along the streets with their cheerful and colorful masks.
Many festivals are dedicated to the Patron Saints of Sicily as well, mixing faith, folklore and tradition into a display of the Sicilians’ profound religious devotion. The Festival of Saint Rosalia in Palermo and the Festival of Saint Agatha in Catania are just a few of the many events that take place every year throughout the region. 


Fun & Food

Fun & Food

The exuberance and warmth of the island of Sicily is evident in its food as well, which tells of Sicilians' passion and care for good food and genuine flavors. 

A wide array of appetizers to whet your appetite, from rice croquettes to cazzilli and crispeddi of Catania, before tasting rich first courses and fish or meat dishes
And finally, one should not pass up the famous Sicilian pastries, mainly prepared with ricotta cheese and almond paste. 

Many Sicilian products are protected by DOP and IGT quality marks, making Sicily one of the  core diets of Mediterranean; it is famous the world over for the genuineness of its ingredients. 

Extra-virgin olive oil, juicy red oranges and the sweet grapes of CanicattìPachino tomatoes and Pantelleria capersprickly pears and the olives of Nocellara del Belice are some of the excellent products that distinguish Sicilian food.
Yet, we cannot forget the most famous cheeses, like Ragusano and pecorino, or tasty sausages, like Sant’Angelo salami, or the different types of crispy bread, like the loaves of Dittaino
And pour a glass of one of the island's exquisite, strong and full-bodied wines, ideal when partnered with its unbeatable cuisine. 

Culture and history info

Culture and history info

Etna, the greatest active volcano in Europe, is on Sicily's eastern coast and is one of the fundamental stops for those wanting to discover this region. Its spectacular eruptions have created unique landscapes over the centuries.

Visitors interested in breathtaking landscapes can choose from among the protected reserves in Etna's natural parks. The Madonie and the Nebrodi parks, as well as the volcanic paradise of Pantelleria, are sprinkled with enchanting oases like that of "Pertusa di Notaro" ("Cold Cavity"), a grotto noted for the extremely fresh air that passes through i), and dammusi, the old stone houses typical of the island.
Valle del Bove (Valley of the Oxen), the walls of which reach up to 1000 mt; the Grotta del Gelo (Ice Cave), the only existing perpetual glacier at these latitudes; and the Gole dell’Alcantara (Alcantara River Park), a thick network of rocky channels of cold water - these gorges are just some of the wonders you can admire when visiting this natural paradise.

The many islands that "orbit" Sicily are all very charming, but above all the Aeolian Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, deserve to be mentioned. The archipelago comprises seven islands - LipariVulcanoStromboliSalinaFilicudiAlicudi and Panarea – as well as a series of islets and rocks of smaller dimension. The history of the Aeolian Islands are clearly bound to the Volcanoes, the “artists” of these splendid natural masterpieces; here you can plunge into the deep blue of the sea, make excursions to visit the many caves scattered along the coasts, relax on the small beaches lapped by crystal-clear waters and enjoy the delicious local food and fish dishes. 

Another world treasure certified by UNESCO is the archeological area of Agrigento, one of the most important towns of Magna Graecia. The famous Valley of the Temples - surrounded by green olive groves, almond trees, citrus orchards and vineyards that stretch out to the sea with all its imposing and elegant monuments - fantastically evokes an atmosphere of 2500 years ago, when the ancient Akagras Agrigentum was a center of power and learning.

On Sicily's southeastern coast stands Syracuse, joint UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Necropolis of Pantalica since 2005. 
This ancient Greek colony fronts an evocative natural port that is blocked on its east by Ortygia, the oldest urban center here. Every corner and cranny of the city offers precious archaeological testimonies that recall the splendor of Magna Graecia. 

Sicily is rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Two other must-sees are the Late Baroque cities of the Noto Valley, and the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina.

"If someone should spend just one day in Sicily and ask: What should I visit? I would answer without hesitating... Taormina... This small village is only a landscape, yet a landscape where you can find everything to seduce your eyes, your spirit, your imagination." This is how the famous French writer Guy de Maupassant described Taormina, hitting on the essence of this little jewel midway between Messina and Catania

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Useful for families

  • Wide outdoor areas
  • The Cucciolo  restaurant (from 0 to 4 years, not turned), open for lunch and dinner
  • Cots and 140 cm beds available (for rent)
  • Stroller rental