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    Room facilities:Air Condition, Bottle warmer, Pets allowed, Private Bathroom, Shower, WI-FI

    A Mobile home in a Camping/ Village resort, suitable for families with children.

    Bed size:1 double bed, up to 3 single beds



You are on the beach experiencing the pleasure of a relaxing vacation among the fresh pines, an uncontaminated beach and sea which has been classified as among the cleanest in Italy. A quality certified village that will stay forever in your heart, in the territory of Pineto where a new oasis was born to look after sea and coast over an extended area of some 37 square kilometres – the marine park of Torre di Cerrano.

You are on the beach experiencing the pleasure of a relaxing vacation among the fresh pines, an uncontaminated beach and sea which has been classified as among the cleanest in Italy. A quality certified village that will stay forever in your hearts.

– The Camper park is located directly at the sea;

– A green wooded park reaches down to the sea;

– Traditional pitches or with private services beneath the poplars and pines.; 

– Campers can choose pitches with full camper services.

You can enjoy your stay among the greenery of the trees and the colours of the flowers where families love to meet in complete freedom, in bright, elegant and comfortable accommodation units. You could have the added privilege of a furnished balcony with sea views.

There are many living accommodation possibilities available for your stay. The rooms are furnished, with air conditioning, cooking areas, terraces, bathrooms and living areas which are also new or refurbished.
All are a few steps from the sea and surrounded by lush gardens.

Bungalows are stone built and there are Mobile Homes with 3 or 6 beds. Accommodation is always in green areas near the sea.

Weekly bookings include also a numbered parking space in the shade and beach service.



The convenience of direct and nearby access is reserved for guests. The beach is long partly sandy and partly pebbly, well supplied with beach beds and umbrellas. The sea views are superb at any time of the day and the new cycle track, illuminated at night and following the coast is ready to be explored.



Apart from the sea itself there is another world in blue awaiting you – the spectacular pool open to adults and children, for play or exercise and enjoyment of the sea panorama and the splendid surrounding hills. A wellness oasis where you can spend refreshing days.The pool is reserved for guests and monitored by expert lifeguards as well as being equipped with sun beds and umbrellas



One area is for the kids with a very shallow graded water level, another for swimming and an area is reserved for the regenerating and relaxing pleasure of hydro-massage.



Relaxation is important but a vacation must also be exciting. We will get you involved in games, parties and sporting activities. And when night falls, shows, music and disco await you to make your stay even more unforgettable. You can participate in the shows also – a happy stimulating environment in private surroundings is dedicated to children where the vacation becomes one long and beautiful game.



While your children are enjoying the children’s play park you’re free to play some sport on the football pitch, beach tennis or beach volley, to go bowling, play ping pong or table football, participate in the numerous entertainment activities or just follow the rhythms of the music.



The restaurant and pizzeria offer the best culinary attractions of the area, developed by our chef, with genuine, authentic and traditional tastes. The Market and Bazaar are available to satisfy your basic food shopping requirements offering fruit and vegetables and seafood products every day. Everything you require is close to hand.




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  • Baby bath tub
  • Bar
  • Beachfront
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Food for Babies
  • Mini Club
  • Pets allowed
  • Private Bathroom
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Shower
  • Swim-pool outside
  • Table Tennis
  • Toilet
  • TV
  • WI-FI



The Abruzzo region lies about 75 km (48 miles) east of Rome. 

Abruzzo is one of  the most greenest regions in Europe. Your family will enjoy the three national parks, one regional park, and 38 protected nature reserves.
More than 75% of Europe’s living animals and rare species are living here. Among these you can see the golden eagle, the chamois, and the brown bear.  A lot to see for families with little children.

The climate is strongly influenced by the Apennine Mountains.  The coastal areas have a typical mediterranean weather with hot dry summers and smooth mild winters. When going up into the mountains the temperatures progressively decrease with increasing altitude and precipitation with altitude.

One of the most beautiful natural parks of the region are the Abruzzo National Park, the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, the Maiella National Park and the Sirente-Velino Regional Park.

The Abruzzo region can be reached quite easily via its Abruzzo International Airport. Several international airlines including low-cost flights from Ryan air connect to the rest of Europe.

The Road and motorway network in the Abruzzo region are very  well developed, with  three highways that connect the region the region to the rest of Italy.

The Abruzzo region has a beautiful sandy beach ideal for families with children. A lot of cosy familyhotels will make your stay a relaxing holiday.

And in the winter please, travel to the mountains ski resorts. Simple but comfortable and not overcrowded villages.

Renowned for its variety Abruzzos cuisine is one of the best in Italy. In 2013 an Italian organization showed that Abruzzo is the best Italian region to eat in. 

Both the agricultural and coastal aspects of Abruzzo have contributed to its cuisine.

Due to the mountains, Abruzzo was for a long time isolated from international influence. This helped to keep the  region’s cuisine  unique.

So, what are You waiting for? Come with your family and children and stay with us! 




Sports & Nature

Sports & Nature

Abruzzo's vegetation is characterized by the presence of different Mediterranean ecosystems.

The coast and the surrounding areas are characterized by the presence of typical plants of Mediterranean shrubland, such as myrtle, heather and other, while in the hilly areas other species grow, including olive, pine, willow, oak, poplar, alder, arbutus, broom, acacia, capers, rosemary, hawthorn, licorice and almond trees, interspersed with oak trees.

At elevations between 600 and 1,000 metres (2,000 and 3,300 ft) there is sub-montane vegetation, mainly characterized by mixed forests of oak and turkey oak, maple and hornbeam; shrubs include dog rose and red juniper. Elevations between 1,000 and 1,900 metres (3,300 and 6,200 ft) are dominated by beech trees.

In the Apennine Mountains at elevations above 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) species include the Abruzzo edelweiss!

The coast in Abruzzo is 129 kilometers long and famous as a tourist bathing resort.

Many of the tourist resorts have the privilege and prestige of being appointed by the Blue Flag certification for water quality and services.

Abruzzo is ideal for family holidays there are many activities that you can do: sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing, canoeing, fishing, boating (including jet skiing and water skiing), fishing and underwater photography, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, golf, mountain biking, cycling, motorcycle racing, motocross and off-road, kayaking.... a never ending list with sporting activities...




Things To Do Info

Things To Do Info

You will find a rich culinary tradition, with various traditions attached to each province. 

The maccheroni alla chitarra are highly-recommended ( a sort of home-made pasta), while scrippelle are thin strips of pasta eaten in a soup

On the coast, most first courses are fish-based, often made with tomatoes to enrich the taste of "poor man's fish," often found on the shores of ancient fishing villages.

As for the second courses, the typical recipe of Chieti is scapece, pickled fried fish. Guazzettoor fish broth is also mostly consumed in coastal areas and villages, and sometimes in the Teramo Province. 

moving to the country side, one will find a good choice of lamb, and mutton. Pork loin, prosciutto, ventricina and other typical salamis are produced locally. If you are looking for these things, then you have come to the right place.

A typical meal in Abruzzo is accompanied by a selection of locally produced wines: Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Trebbiano are the most known.

Abruzzo also features a number of organic or BIO wineries in the area of Chieti and Teramo.

Among the desserts, typically made with almonds and honey, we would suggest to try nougat or torrone; and of course confetti (typical sugared almonds, they are a specialty of Sulmona)

Culture and history info

Culture and history info

The most artistically important town in the region is L’Aquila, located near the Gran Sasso. This city, famous for “the Celestine Pardon,” offers endless routes to the discovery of history, art and faith. 

Unfortunately, the earthquake of April 6th, 2009 struck this city and the surrounding area, causing enormous damages to its nice artistic treasures. 

In the Province of Aquila, the famous Castello di Celano- today the home of the Museum of Archaeology and Sacred Art - and the remains of the ancient Roman city of Alba Fucens are just some of the numerous testimonies narrating the long and complex history of Abruzzo.

The city of Pescara, an important for seaside tourism, preserves the memory of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. Lying along Abruzzo's coastline, Pescara boasts numerous long and sandy beaches. 

Beach-goers also flock to places like Tortoreto, Giulianova, Silvi Marina, Roseto and, further south, Ortona, Vasto and San Salvo

Chieti, perched on a hill near the coast, is composed of its beautiful 11th-Century Cathedral; and its National Archaeological Museum, also quite fascinating for its prehistoric finds and vestiges of Greek and Roman civilization. 
Another important town is Teramo, with its Medieval Cathedral and the remains of a Roman theatre and amphitheatre. 
The countless old borgoes in the Province serveas the repositories of a rural lifestyle whose traditions are still alive today, thanks to local folklore and handicraft. 

But one of the most picturesque towns is Scanno, located near an enchanting lake in the Sangro Valley, with its narrow alleys, Baroque gateways and old buildings. Sulmona, the hometown of poet Ovidio, is equally-rich in history, traditions and artistic treasures, including the famous Hermitage of Pope Celestine V. 

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