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Calabria, a family inviting region, is at the toe of the italian boot, the very south of Italy – encompassed by the mind boggling blue Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas and isolated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina.

The warm atmosphere, the lovely shades of the ocean, rough drifts that changes with sandy shorelines, a nature that is wild and secretive, the solid and honest to goodness kinds of nearby nourishment and the remnants of its old starting points make Calabria a novel place that vacationers can appreciate in both winter and summer.

Any wish can be satisfied. The individuals who love nature, its aromas and puzzles, can investigate the Calabrian hinterland, finding unadulterated and unpolluted landscapes, where gigantic green belts interchange with blue lakes and waterfalls.

Then again, the individuals who favor lolling in the warm beams of the sun and plunge into a perfectly clear ocean can browse the numerous enchanting regions along the long Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts.

Rather the individuals who like to find out about the locale’s past, Calabria, the support of Magna Graecia and place that is known for antiquated settlements, is loaded with awe inspiring houses of worship, religious communities, châteaux, royal residences and towns where age-old customs still survive.

Calabria is a place where there is solid and exceptional feelings; such is no less genuine with regards to cooking. Witness the renowned Calabrian hot pepper (pepperoncino), found in most Calabrian ordinary dishes. From toasted bread with n’duja wiener or sardines – called the “caviar of poor people” – to pork frankfurters, from pasta sauces to fish dishes.



Country Italy
Visa requirementsNational identity card for european citizens, Passport for abroad travellers. In certain cases Visa permits are requested, please contact your local embassy for further infos.
Languages spokenItalian, in tourist centers english and german spoken.
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)South of Italy, at the "toe" of the boot

Sports & Nature

Art lovers will not want to miss the occasion to see the famous Riace Bronzes,  on display in the National Museum of Reggio Calabria. The bronzes are an important vestige of Magna Graecia, an epoch that shaped the history of this region significantly. These beautiful statues, representing two warrior heroes, are a rare example of classical Greek sculpture

With its 497 mi of coast, Calabria offers a wide choice of gorgeous beaches; in particular, Capo Vaticano, in the province of Vibo Valentia, is defined as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world: a long tract of fine sand surrounded by age-old trees and lapped by crystal-clear water that teems with a variegated fish fauna. 

An immersion into the wilderness of the Calabrian hinterland is an un-missable opportunity, while the National Parks of Sila, Serre, Aspromonte and Pollino are among the most interesting nature destinations. The creeks and boulders of Aspromonte, the grand, ancient plant life of Sila, and the rich fauna of Serre are just some of the natural wonders offered by this region. 



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Calabria is a place where there is solid and serious feelings; such is no less genuine when it comes to cuisine. Witness the famous Calabrian hot pepper (pepperoncino), found in most Calabrian run of the mill dishes. From toasted bread with n'duja sausage or sardines – called the "caviar of poor people" – to pork sausages, from pasta sauces to fish dishes.

The solid kind of hot pepper diverges from the sweet taste of the Tropea red onion, ensured by the PGI quality imprint. The onion is utilized for flavoring dishes and in addition for curative purposes.

A portion of the delights among Calabrian items and run of the mill dishes that pilgrims of this astonishing area must attempt include: extra-virgin olive oil, wines, bergamot liqueurs, liquorice, citron and herbs, honey and jams, unique sorts of homemade pasta (strangugghj, fileja, maccaruni) that are still made today utilizing the old routines.



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When we speak about Calabria, we think of the sea and its marvelous beaches ideal for families with children. Still, these clear waters in their thousand hues are also a natural gym where one can go windsurfingkite-surfing or scuba-diving, to discover a wonderful seabed hosting brightly-colored corals and even intriguing wreckages from the Second World War. 

The region offers many opportunities of fun and relaxation to those who decide to spend their holidays in its hinterland. 
The National Parks, which cover most of inland Calabria, are a thrill for nature lovers and non. 

And winter sports are certainly not out of the question; choose between the many ski resorts, equipped with artificial slopes to ski year-round. 

Those who love a good challenge should not miss a rafting experience along the Lao River or through the Sila gorges. 
Alternatively, the river can be walked without, no need for a boat of any kind: just dive into the water, descending with a rope in the most difficult tracts. This is canyoneering, and the support of expert guides makes these fascinating sports accessible to anyone. 

Another possibility to learn and have fun at the same time is orienteering, a sport that was born in the Scandinavian countries to test sense of direction. Participants equipped with a map and a compass must reach the goal in the shortest time; they can choose independently the route to take but they must arrive at preset intermediate stops. 

And why not try the emotion of flying over these breathtaking landscapes? Specialized instructors will take you through the clouds (firmly attached to a paraglider’s saddle, no less) to show you the beauty of Calabria from an entirely different perspective! 

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Capovaticano Resort Thalasso & SPA

Capovaticano Resort Thalasso & SPA

Capo Vaticano - Ricadi, Calabria
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